About benliu
About us
Shanghai benliu Pump Co., Ltd. is a technology-based joint-stock enterprise.  Production base Pinghu benliu Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. located in the edge of  Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, adjacent to Shanghai. Headquartered in Shanghai. the  company is a professional company integrating the design, R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of leakage magnetic pump. The company has a high-quality, younger,have work dynamic talent team, established a perfect quality management and quality assurance system.
The company pays attention to the transformation of scientific research achievements. The main non leakage pump products also involve the fields of fluid transportation, such as easy vaporization, low cavitation, ultra-low temperature, high temperature, high pressure, easy crystallization, solid particles, high viscosity, high vacuum, three-phase mixed transportation and so on, which almost cover all special working conditions. We provide pumping solutions for the harsh fluid transportation under various working conditions, relying on good technology, perfect Quality assurance system, providing pump products with high safety assurance.
We are willing to work hand in hand with our customers, seize the opportunity of the times, surpass ourselves, strive for the early realization of "made in China 2025", and do our best for this large and strong overall strategic plan!
Development path
Passed the ISO9001-2016 quality system certification
Expand production scale
Obtained three utility model patents
Provincial Science and Technology Enterprise Nomination
Looking forward to the future
  • Business philosophy
    Mission: To create a prosperous state with wisdom, create a brand, take diversification and the way of the group.
    Business philosophy: Achieve customers and create brilliance together, with service as the purpose, quality as the guarantee, management as the means, and reputation as the foundation.
  • Product Idea
    Benliu products are positioned as high-end products with high-end features, features, details and high configuration. Tailor-made for special working conditions, the core components of the product use well-known domestic and foreign brand processes to ensure that the product stability and life span exceed 50% in the same industry. There are no wearing parts to replace in later use. It can effectively solve the cost of customer use and the cost of employment.
  • Service philosophy
    Professional after-sales service, early-stage on-site selection proposal, installation guidance, and later maintenance Undertake on-site equipment selection, installation, maintenance and other services.