Customer Case
Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd.
Time:2021-07-29 Cilck:403
Project Name: phase I project of Xiangshui Zhongshan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. with annual output of 30000 tons atrazine, 3000 tons of nitsozodone and 10000 tons of spermiphenazine
Construction project of the first phase of raw drugs and intermediates, such as 10000 tons of nitsosoketone, is constructed by Inner Mongolia Zhonggao Chemical Co., Ltd
Product Name: magnetic pump, chemical pump, centrifugal pump, diaphragm pump, etc
Project location: Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui

Partners: Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Anhui Zhongshan Chemical Co., Ltd., Xiangshui Zhongshan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Zhonggao Chemical Co., Ltd

Founded in 1998, Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is a designated pesticide production enterprise approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology. Its registered capital is 152million. Its headquarter is under the jurisdiction of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui, and has established several branches, including Canada, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Shanghai, etc., and its products are exported to Southeast Asia, America, Australia, Eastern Europe and other countries and regions, It is the top ten export and foreign exchange earning enterprises of Chinese pesticide enterprises, executive director of China Pesticide Industry Association, key key enterprises of Zhejiang "five batch", Zhejiang Province credit demonstration enterprise, Zhejiang pesticide production backbone enterprise, Zhejiang Province self-employed export excellent production enterprise, Huzhou export-oriented private science and technology enterprise top 10, etc. It is one of the key high-tech enterprises in the national torch plan with complete specifications, large production and high technology content in China, ranking the top in the pesticide industry in China, with the capacity of triazine being the first and the second in the world.

While building a brand, the group company insists on improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise with the enterprise culture, and makes the enterprise establish a good social image in the development. Zhongshan Chemical will uphold the concept of "green pesticide, from Zhongshan", and promote the vigorous development of all industries of the group company with the enterprise vision of "more careful care for each plant and more dedicated service to every customer"!