Customer Case
Shandong Sanhe Xinda New Material Technology Co., Ltd
Time:2021-07-09 Cilck:336
Project Name: 30000 T / a heavy benzene separation project of Shandong Sanhe Xinda Chemical Co., Ltd. (phase I)
Product Name: stainless steel magnetic pump, insulation magnetic pump, etc
Project location: Shandong
Cooperation unit: Shandong Sanhe Xinda New Material Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Sanhe Xinda New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zaozhuang, the coal city, and the residence of zouwu Town, Xuecheng District, Zaozhuang. It was registered in Zaozhuang Administration for Industry and Commerce on August 3, 2011, with a registered capital of 11.1 million yuan. In the 10 years of development and growth of the company, we have always provided customers with good products and technical support and sound after-sales service, My company mainly engaged in high-performance membrane materials manufacturing (excluding national restrictions, obsolete and backward products), sales; Manufacture of thin film and foam (excluding state restriction, knockout and backward products) and sales; Production and sales of indene fraction 3420 T / A, industrial naphthalene (solid) 750 T / A, industrial naphthalene (liquid) 3500 T / A, mixed methylnaphthalene 5000 t / A and mesitylene 6250 T / a (the term of validity is subject to the production license); Sales of chemical products (excluding dangerous goods).