Customer Case
Heilongjiang Zhenbaodao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Time:2021-07-12 Cilck:204
Project Name: Jixi phase II project of Heilongjiang Zhenbaodao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Product Name: magnetic pump
Project location: Heilongjiang
Cooperation unit: Heilongjiang Zhenbaodao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Heilongjiang Zhenbaodao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a large-scale listed enterprise in Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 603567) which is committed to providing high-quality products and services for human health. Enterprises adhere to the development concept of "platform, cooperation, sharing, win-win"; With "innovation and creation, high-quality development" as the overall business goal, after more than 20 years of scientific management and steady development, it has formed an international whole industry chain large health industry cluster enterprise integrating four leading industries, namely scientific and technological research and development, pharmaceutical industry, traditional Chinese medicine industry and financial investment.

Based on scientific and technological innovation, opening and sharing, and green development, Zhenbaodao pharmaceutical takes capital operation as the link, and four major platforms including R & D platform, manufacturing platform, Internet platform, and financial platform as the support. While continuing to provide strong support and driving role for regional economic development, In addition, we will forge ahead in the direction of "leading enterprise of big health industry in the whole international industrial chain", and constantly promote the inheritance and innovation development of Chinese medicine.

Zhenbaodao pharmaceutical has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, enterprise technology center of Heilongjiang Province, post doctoral innovation and entrepreneurship practice base and national post doctoral research workstation. The company keeps close contact with more than 20 well-known universities and scientific research institutes in the United States, Germany and China, and carries out scientific research on innovative medicine, generic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. The company takes the lead in passing the five-star certification of national standard of double system of brand and after-sales service evaluation in the same industry in China, and the "treasure island" trademark is recognized as a well-known trademark in China, Ranked in the top 100 of China's pharmaceutical industry for 10 consecutive years. In April 2015, Zhenbaodao pharmaceutical was successfully listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Zhenbaodao pharmaceutical adheres to the core of high-quality scientific and technological research and development, creates a high-level R & D platform and high-tech product cluster, upgrades the product structure in the whole line, greatly improves the quantity and quality of product output, and provides new momentum for enterprise innovation and development. In addition to oral solid preparations and injections, the company has also set up projects to study high-end preparations. The layout of scientific research projects of the company is both forward-looking and optimized. At present, the two first-class innovative drugs have been approved by the State Food and drug administration, and the company has promoted the clinical experimental research.