Customer Case
Ruyuan East Sunshine electrochemical factory
Time:2021-07-28 Cilck:696
Project Name: Reconstruction and expansion project of ion-exchange membrane caustic soda with an annual output of 55000 tons in Ruyuan East Sunshine electrochemical plant
Product Name: stainless steel magnetic pump, fluorine lined magnetic pump, centrifugal pump
Project location: Guangdong
Partner: Ruyuan dongyangguang electrochemical plant

Shenzhen dongyangguang Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HEC), established in Shenzhen in November 1997, is a joint-stock enterprise controlled by private economy - Ruyuan dongyangguang electrochemical plant, which adopts the most advanced caustic soda production process and DCS (distributed control system) with high production control level, The world's advanced Gore membrane filtration system and s68 bipolar electrolytic cell of Japanese chlorine project are introduced, and the product performance has reached the domestic leading level. The main products are: ion-exchange membrane caustic soda, 32% high-purity hydrochloric acid. The by-product is 12% sodium hypochlorite.