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BM-G series high temperature magnetic pump
Model: BM-G
Material: stainless steel
Purpose: bm-g high temperature magnetic drive pump is used in petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical industry and other places to transport special petroleum, printing and dyeing raw materials and high temperature medium (service temperature T < 300 ℃).
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Product overview:
High temperature magnetic drive pump is a kind of magnetic driver (magnetic coupling) to achieve non-contact torque transmission, so as to replace the dynamic seal with static seal, so that the pump is completely leak free. Because the pump shaft and inner magnetic rotor are completely closed by the pump body and isolation sleeve, the problem of "running, emitting, dripping and leaking" is completely solved, and the hidden danger of inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful media leaking through the pump seal in the refining and chemical industry is eliminated, which effectively ensures the physical and mental health and safe production of workers.

Use environment:
Suitable for conveying, the maximum working pressure is 1.6Mpa, the temperature is not more than 280 ℃, and the viscosity is not more than 30 ℃ × 10-6m2 / s liquid without hard particles and fibers.

Performance range: (rated point)
1. Diameter: DN20 ~ DN200 (as required ~ DN300)
2. Flow: 1.25 ~ 400m3 / h (as required ~ 1000m3 / h)
3. Lift: 5 ~ 160m (as required ~ 300m)
4. Speed: 1450r / min ~ 2900r / min
5. Pressure: 0 ~ 1.6Mpa (customized ~ 42MPa)
6. Power: 0.55kw ~ 132kw

Product features:

① The multi cycle cooling structure ensures the reliability and stability of the original power and magnetic drive;
② The use of the pin coupling reduces the noise and vibration of the pump, and the use of the detachable type and the pin coupling at the same time increases the structure of the pump and is more conducive to the heat dissipation of the pump;
③ In the outer rotor part of the pump, cooling blades are also designed to ensure the stability of the magnetic steel.

Application scope:

Suitable for petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, smelting, electroplating, environmental protection, food, film and television development, water treatment, national defense and other industries. It is an ideal equipment for transporting high temperature flammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, rare and precious liquids and various corrosive liquids.