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CQB series magnetic pump
Model: CQB
Material: corrosion resistant stainless steel
Application: it is an ideal equipment for transporting flammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, rare and precious liquids and various corrosive liquids.
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Product overview:
CQB magnetic drive centrifugal pump (referred to as magnetic pump) is usually composed of motor, magnetic coupling and corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump. When the motor drives the outer magnetic steel of the magnetic coupling to rotate, the magnetic line of force passes through the gap and the isolation sleeve and acts on the inner magnetic steel, so that the pump rotor and the motor rotate synchronously and transmit the torque without mechanical contact. At the power input end of the pump shaft, because the liquid is sealed in a stationary isolation sleeve, there is no dynamic seal, so there is no leakage at all.
CQB series magnetic pump is a new type of completely leak free and corrosion-resistant pump developed by the national joint design group of magnetic pump. Its technical and economic indexes are equivalent to the level of similar foreign products at the end of 1980s.
The type and basic parameters of CQB series magnetic pump conform to JB / T 7742-1995 "type and basic parameters of small magnetic drive centrifugal pump" and "supplementary provisions of three standards for small magnetic drive centrifugal pump".

Use environment:
The service temperature of metal pump is less than 100 ℃, the conveying and suction pressure is not more than 0.2MPa, the maximum working pressure is 1.6Mpa, the density is not more than 1600kg / m3, and the particle size is not more than 30 × 10-6m2 / s liquid without hard particles and fibers.

Performance range: (rated point)
1. Diameter: DN32 ~ DN 125
2. Flow: 1.2 ~ 160m3 / h
3. Lift: 5 ~ 125m
4. Speed: 2900r / min
5. Pressure: 0 ~ 1.6Mpa (customized high pressure as required)

Product features:
① The flow passage of CQB stainless steel magnetic pump is made of stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance to organic acid, organic compound, alkali, neutral solution and various gases;
② The running in of double spiral groove carbon graphite bearing and hard alloy shaft sleeve has strong wear resistance and ensures the service life of the product. It is an ideal pump for conveying corrosive medium without leakage.

Application scope:

It is suitable for petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, smelting, electroplating, environmental protection, food, film and television development and printing, water treatment, national defense and other industries. It is an ideal equipment for transporting flammable, volatile, toxic, rare precious liquid and various corrosive liquids.