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BM series magnetic pump
Model: BM
Material: select and configure according to needs
Application: suitable for conveying large pressure 1.6Mpa, temperature no more than 120 ℃, viscosity no more than 30 ℃ × 10-6 ㎡ / s liquid without ferromagnetic particles and fibers.
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BM magnetic pumps are mainly made of austenitic stainless steel, and can also be equipped with non-metallic lining or thermo-solid plastics. These pumps are collectively called metal magnetic pumps and are suitable for conveying maximum pressure 1.6MPa and temperature not exceeding 120℃. Liquid with a viscosity not greater than 30×10-6m2/S without ferromagnetic particles and fibers. When the pressure of the conveying medium system is greater than 1.6MPa, the temperature exceeds 120℃, and the necessary thermal insulation measures are required, the unit can carry out special design and manufacture.

Performance range: (rated point)
Caliber: DN32~DN200 (according to need~DN300)
Flow: 1.25~400m3/h (~1000m3/h as required)
Head: 5~160m (customized ~300m)
Speed: 1450r/min~2900r/min
Temperature: -20℃~120℃ (customized -196 ~ 450℃)
Pressure: 0~1.6MPa (customized -0.1 ~ 42MPa)
Steering: The direction of the motor rotates clockwise
Power: 0.55kW~132kW (customized 0.18 ~ 315kW)

Material: Select and configure according to needs

Design Features:
Fully sealed, no leakage, no pollution
CFD computational fluid dynamics design hydraulic components, wide flow channel, high efficiency, good cavitation performance, small radial force
The over-flow parts are shaped by precision casting mold, the size is accurate, the flow channel is clean and smooth, and the efficiency is high
Process liquid self-cooling and lubricating transmission components, generally do not need additional piping system, project investment is small
Use high-performance, high-temperature permanent magnet materials to ensure sufficient magnetic moment
Magnetic circuit design and industrial application of large magnetic gap for some special products
The integrated pump only needs 1-2 sealing rings, ensuring safety
Low eddy current isolation sleeve design makes the pump more efficient
Optional motor direct connection or connection through coupling
Direct motor connection can save cost and space, high transmission efficiency, easy installation, no need for concentricity calibration, when it exceeds 45KW, in order to facilitate maintenance, the form of coupling connection should be used
Multi-cycle mode, self-circulation, pressurized circulation through auxiliary impeller and external circulation, etc., to meet the transportation of different media
Cooling can be added when necessary, or with heating and insulation jacket
Optional ordinary Y series and YB series three-phase motor, DC motor and permanent magnet motor
Optimized rigid shaft structure design, with better deflection index, reduce pump vibration
There are two types of low-foot installation and center-line installation, which are used for different temperature media. The basic model uses foot support and the high temperature model uses center support.
Flange standard provides ANSI, GB and other options
The axial force of the pump is mainly balanced by the blades and the self-balancing structure, and the residual axial force is borne by the thrust bearing
If necessary, use the auxiliary impeller to force circulation to prevent vapor deposition and ensure circulation flow
Large thickness heavy-duty thrust ceramic bearings, high-purity (sic content greater than 98.5% silicon content less than 1%), highly dependent on corrosive silicon carbide materials, unique dual-bearing alignment positioning design, equipped with advanced Liquid dynamic lubrication structure to ensure the reliability of pump operation and the service life of bearings
Special lubricating and cooling design: the internal circulation liquid flow is used to take away the heat generated by the vortex on the isolation sleeve and lubricate the sliding bearing, so that the axial force of the pump is automatically balanced to ensure the safe operation of the pump. The reasonable structural design makes all internal circulation systems There is enough pressure and flow to ensure the stable operation of the pump
The internal and external magnetic rotors are all hermetically sealed structures to prevent the pump from corroding the magnet and corroding the characteristics and strength
New induction wheel technology can reduce the required cavitation margin
Isolation sleeve has the ability to completely drain the medium (when the pump is stopped for repair) and automatic emptying (when starting before pouring), generally made of high-quality stainless steel using advanced technology
Modular parts design, good interchangeability
Magnetic pump protection and condition monitoring
The magnetic pump solves the problem of the transportation of easily dispersible materials in industrial systems. However, when the pump is working, it may be affected due to the unstable process conditions, so it is recommended to use a protective device.
Benliu pump industry provides many types of monitoring and protection devices:
Anti-drying and underflow protector: It can prevent the pump from being filled with no liquid, insufficient liquid flow and medium vaporization, cavitation, etc., causing no-load or light-load failure of the pump. When the working current is continuously lower than the set current limit, the protection alarm and the main power supply are cut off, and the action time is less than or equal to 10 seconds. The protector also has functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, three-phase current imbalance, and phase failure protection.
Flow monitoring: The magnetic pump is effectively protected by monitoring the flow of the main circulation circuit.

In addition, we can also provide temperature monitoring, pressure monitoring and bearing monitoring and other measures according to customer needs to ensure the safe operation of the process system.

Quality Assurance System:
Benliu pump has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, advanced technology is the foundation of all, first-class quality is the eternal pursuit of Benliu people.
First-class products, perfect quality assurance system, reliable equipment performance, and efficient solutions are the commitment of Benliu to customers.
The rush pump mainly runs in the petrochemical, fine chemical, chemical power, metallurgy, food and pharmaceutical industries and harsh special process processes, just like the heart of the process, safe and reliable operation without leakage is necessary.
The Benliu management team has more than ten years of experience in engineering technology and project management. After many years of configuration of magnetic pumps for process devices and continuous communication and exchanges with customers, the Benliu pumps are becoming more and more perfect, and the pursuit of excellence is "Made in China" 2025" help.
Each pump of Bentley has been rigorously tested, and every part, component, assembly, etc. assembled are tested and evaluated in detail to ensure the quality of Bentley products.
Reasonable selection is very important. It is necessary to have a full understanding of the process involved, including the corrosion characteristics, specific gravity, viscosity, temperature, vapor pressure, dissolved gas content and solid content of the fluid. Provide high-level technical consultation and after-sales service.
When technical assistance is required, Benliu can assist in multiple directions to solve the problem, and can send staff to the equipment to use the site within 48 hours to solve the problem as needed.