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BM-B series jacket insulation magnetic pump
Model: BM-B
Material: stainless steel
Purpose: strong magnetic and high temperature resistant materials and unique design of incubator are used to ensure that the medium will not condense in the process of conveying medium, and when the temperature is too high, the extra temperature can be taken away by cooling water in the incubator. It can transport flammable, explosive, highly toxic and precious liquids.
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Product overview:
Jacketed heat preservation pump is a new type of magnetic pump, which is based on the common magnetic pump and absorbs the advantages of high temperature heat preservation pump. It can be widely used in chemical, petroleum, electroplating, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industries
The magnetic pump replaces the dynamic seal with the static seal, which makes the flow passage parts of the pump in a completely sealed state, and completely solves the unavoidable problems of running, emitting and dripping of other pump mechanical seals. The magnetic pump is made of stainless steel and other materials, so it has good corrosion resistance and can protect the transported medium from pollution.

Use environment:
It is suitable for conveying large pressure of 1.6Mpa, temperature of no more than 120 ℃ and viscosity of no more than 30 ℃ × 10-6m2 / s liquid without ferromagnetic particles and fibers. When the pressure of the conveying medium system is more than 1.6Mpa, the temperature is more than 120 ℃, and the supporting insulation measures are needed, the unit can carry out special design and manufacture

Performance range: (rated point)
1. Diameter: DN20 ~ DN200 (as required ~ DN300)
2. Flow: 1.25 ~ 400m3 / h (as required ~ 1000m3 / h)
3. Lift: 5 ~ 160m (as required ~ 300m)
4. Speed: 1450r / min ~ 2900r / min
5. Pressure: 0 ~ 1.6Mpa (customized ~ 42MPa)
6. Power: 0.55kw ~ 132kw

Product features:
① The jacket insulation magnetic pump adopts strong magnetic and high temperature resistant material to ensure sufficient magnetic transmission torque;
② The isolation sleeve is designed with unequal cross-section structure, which reduces the eddy current loss by 1 / 2 compared with the cylindrical isolation sleeve with equal cross-section;
③ The unique design of the new insulation box structure ensures that the medium will not condense in the process of transportation;
④ When the temperature is too high, the cooling water in the incubator can pass through, with too much heat, which can effectively ensure the normal operation of the motor and magnetic steel;
⑤ Using hydrodynamic lubrication bearing, it is more reliable and has longer service life than the original concentric shaft of magnetic pump.

Application scope:
It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, environmental protection and other industries, and can transport flammable, explosive, highly toxic, precious and other liquids with temperature less than 360 ℃. It has high reliability and long service life when transporting high temperature medium.