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BMQ series magnetic drive tangent flow pump
Model: BMQ
Material: stainless steel
Purpose: BMQ magnetic drive tangent flow pump is a kind of non leakage centrifugal pump with small flow, high head and high speed.
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Product overview:
BMQ magnetic drive tangential flow pump is a kind of low specific speed fully sealed centrifugal pump developed by our company according to the market demand. Its performance and technical conditions meet the requirements of aoi610, api685 and other standards. This series of process pumps adopt single-stage or two-stage impeller back-to-back symmetrical layout structure. Compared with high-speed pump and multi-stage pump, the structure is greatly simplified, the axial size of the pump is short, the parts are few, the maintenance is convenient, and the symmetrical layout of the impeller almost eliminates the axial force, improves the reliability of the operation of the pump and equipment, and has the incomparable advantages of the vortex pump with low specific speed!

Use environment:
It is suitable for conveying larger pressure 4MPa, temperature no more than 120 ℃, no particle and fiber and viscosity no more than 30 ℃ × 10-6m2 / s liquid. When the pressure of the conveying medium system is higher than 4MPa, the temperature is higher than 120 ℃, and the supporting insulation measures are needed, the unit can carry out special design and manufacture.

Performance range: (rated point)
1. Diameter: DN25 ~ DN80 (as required ~ DN 150)
2. Flow: 0.2 ~ 48m3 / h (as required ~ 100m3 / h)
3. Lift: 5 ~ 400m (customized ~ 2200m)
4. Speed: 1450r / min ~ 25000r / min
5. Temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ (customized -196 ~ 450 ℃)
6. Pressure: 0 ~ 4.0Mpa (customized -0.1 ~ 42MPa)
7. Steering: the motor rotates clockwise
8. Power: 0.55kw ~ 185KW (customized 0.18 ~ 315KW)

Product features:
① The design technology of tangent flow pump is adopted in the pump. When the flow rate changes from zero to design, the head of the pump is a constant value, which is especially suitable for the use with nozzle;
② The pump is not sensitive to the clearance between the impeller and the front and rear pump covers. When the clearance becomes larger due to friction and corrosion, the performance of the pump basically remains unchanged;
③ CQF type products are mainly made of reinforced polypropylene, which can resist most inorganic acids, salts and alkalis, and are suitable for outdoor atmospheric exposure;
④ CQF product parts are injection molding, high production efficiency, low price and cost.

Application scope:
It has been widely used in oil field, oil refining, petrochemical industry, chemical products, fertilizer, nuclear power, metallurgy, food and pharmaceutical industry system to transport flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful, corrosive media without solid particles and media not allowed to seal pollution. It is not suitable to transport media containing ferromagnetic materials.