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G type screw pump with reducer
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product description
G-type screw pump with reducer is a new type of pump that works on the principle of revolving meshing volume. The main working parts are eccentric screw (rotor) and fixed bush (stator).
Due to the special geometry of these two components, the G-type screw pump with reducer forms separate sealed chambers, the medium is pushed uniformly in the axial direction, the internal flow rate is low, the volume remains unchanged, and the pressure is stable, so no vortex and agitation. The output pressure of each pump of the screw pump with reducer is 0.6MPa, the head is 60m (clear water), the self-priming height is generally 6m, and it is suitable for the temperature of the conveying medium below 80℃ (special requirements can reach 150℃).
The G-type screw pump with reducer is made of a variety of elastic materials for the stator, so this pump has the characteristics that the general pump type is not capable of transporting high-viscosity fluids and media containing hard suspended particles or fibers. . Its flow rate is proportional to the speed.
The screw pump drive of the G-type reducer can be directly driven by a coupling, or can be adjusted by a speed-regulating motor, a triangle belt, a gearbox and other devices.
The G-type screw pump with reducer has few parts, compact structure, small volume, and easy maintenance. The rotor and stator are wearing parts of the pump. The structure is simple and easy to assemble and disassemble.
Flow rate: 0-150m3/h
Head: 60-120m
Power: 0.75-37kw
Speed: 120-2000r/min
Caliber: 20-135mm
Temperature: -15-200℃
Model meaning
G——G series screw pump
35——Nominal screw diameter (mm)
1-indicates a primary pump