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I-1b series thick slurry pump
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The I-1B screw pump is a single-screw pump. Its main working parts are an eccentric screw (called a rotor) and a screw bush (called a stator) with a double-line spiral surface on the inner surface. Its working principle is that when the electric pump shaft rotates, the screw rotates around its own axis on the one hand, and it rolls along the inner surface of the bushing on the other hand. This type of pump is a single screw type volumetric rotary pump, which uses an eccentric single screw The rotation of the screw in the double-rotating bushing makes the thick slurry move from the suction port to the discharge port along the spiral groove to realize the delivery function of the pump.
1. It can transport high-concentration, high-viscosity (<10000Pas) and suspended slurry containing particles.
2. The conveying liquid flow is stable without over-flow, pulsation, stirring and shearing slurry.
3. The discharge pressure has nothing to do with the speed, and the low flow rate can also maintain a high discharge pressure.
4. The flow rate is proportional to the speed, and the flow rate can be adjusted through the speed change mechanism or the high-speed motor.
5. Strong self-priming ability, can directly suck liquid without installing bottom valve.
6. The pump can be reversed, and the liquid flow direction is changed by the rotation direction of the pump. It is suitable for occasions where the pipeline needs to be washed in anyway.
7. Smooth operation, low vibration and noise.
8. Simple structure, convenient disassembly and maintenance.