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Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump series
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Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump series (subject to hydraulic single diaphragm and hydraulic double diaphragm alarm series)

The hydraulic end of the pump constitutes a working chamber by means of a diaphragm, and the diaphragm is periodically deformed to replace the reciprocating movement of the piston (plunger). The pump is called a diaphragm pump. For example, the periodic deformation of the diaphragm is a hydraulically driven pump that is reciprocated in the hydraulic working chamber by means of the piston. It is called a hydraulic diaphragm pump.

◆No moving seal, no leakage, easy maintenance;
◆Working pressure can reach 69MPa, measurement accuracy can reach up to 1%; single cylinder pump flow range: 0.2L/h- 12000L/h
◆The measurement accuracy is better than the mechanical diaphragm pump, and the sealing performance is worried about the plunger pump;
◆Flow size control is achieved by adjusting the stroke length and frequency conversion speed regulation, with stroke regulator or frequency conversion can realize remote automatic control;
◆The operating temperature of the medium should not exceed 100C, not lower than 30C, otherwise it will affect the life of the diaphragm;
◆The new three-valve structure and the application of the limit oil filling mechanism ensure the fullness of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic chamber, avoid excessive oil filling and prevent hydraulic shock, so as to balance the force on both sides of the diaphragm and improve the service life of the diaphragm. , Diaphragm life can be increased to more than 8000h;
◆When conveying special media, double diaphragm with diaphragm rupture alarm device can be used to prevent accidents caused by the mixing of media and hydraulic oil when the diaphragm ruptures.

It is suitable for use from normal room temperature water to strong corrosion, volatile, crystalline, flammable, explosive, highly toxic, foul odor, strong corrosive, large specific gravity, medium viscosity, radioactive or other valuable liquids. At the same time, it can also transport suspended liquids. For some to prevent accidents caused by the mixing of the medium and hydraulic oil after the diaphragm ruptures, for flammable, explosive, highly toxic and precious liquids, a double diaphragm metering pump with diaphragm rupture alarm device can be selected.