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Tank type non-negative pressure pipe network pressurized steady flow water supply equipment
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Really achieve no negative pressure on the municipal pipe network
Our non-negative pressure water supply equipment can truly protect the pressure of the municipal pipe network and prevent excessive water intake at the instantaneous peak, which is unmatched by other manufacturers.

Overpressure (no negative pressure) water supply
The equipment is directly connected in series with the water pipe network, and the pressurized water supply is superimposed on the basis of the original pressure of the network pipe, making full use of the pressure of the municipal pipe network to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

Health and environmental protection
All over-flow parts of the system are made of food-grade stainless steel, the equipment is fully sealed, and foreign objects cannot enter the pipe network system to ensure good water quality.

Save investment and operation and maintenance costs
It saves floor space; there is no need to build a storage tank or water tank, saving a piece of civil engineering investment, using the pressure of the water pipe network, superimposing supercharging, and saving energy. Fully enclosed operation avoids the loss of water resources such as running, running, dripping, and leakage.

run smoothly
The system design fully considers the water demand during peak hours to ensure continuous and stable water supply, and the water supply pressure deviation is not greater than 0.01Mpa.

High intelligence
The system operation data is transmitted to the control center through the wired network transmission and wireless GPS transmission mode, and it is easy to grasp the system operation status, and can be remotely monitored, monitored, and monitored.