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Detailed introduction
The shielded electric pump is a product that combines the pump and the motor. A shielding sleeve made of a special metal material is provided on the inner surface of the motor stator and the outer surface of the rotor. The motor's intimate and windings are not corroded, so that the stator windings maintain good insulation performance. In addition, the pump impeller and the motor are coaxially connected, and the structure is only statically sealed, which ensures that the delivered liquid does not leak and avoids the leakage caused to the environment. Pollution has really played a role in safety and environmental protection.
1. Since the conveyed liquid will not leak to the outside, it is suitable for liquids that are harmful to the human body, easily explosive and flammable liquids, precious liquids and corrosive liquids;
2. Since it cannot suck in external air, it is suitable for vacuum system operation and contact with external air that can deteriorate liquid, etc.;
3. Because there is no shaft seal, it is suitable for high temperature and low temperature liquids with high system pressure;
4. Since no lubricating oil is needed, it will not contaminate the transport liquid and avoid the trouble of oil injection;
5. Because the motor and pump are coaxial assemblies, they are small in size, light in weight, do not occupy space, and are easy to disassemble and inspect;
6. Because the motor does not cool the fan, the running noise is small.
Model meaning
B-basic type
A——Horizontal with connector
3——Material Department
2——Design pressure
H-flange standard HG
222——Motor number
H——Insulation class H
2—— Voltage classification
B-Direct start with thermal protection
M-Onboard bearing monitoring
50-suction diameter 50mm
40-exclude diameter 40mm
160——Nominal diameter of impeller 160mm
FV-with induction wheel