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1. The fifth-generation IH series chemical process pumps are replacement products to replace the old IH type chemical process pumps. The performance parameters and installation dimensions of this series of products are the same as the old type IH pumps. The products implement the standard of GB5662-85 "Marking, Performance and Dimensions of Axial Suction Centrifugal Pump (16bar)".
2. The fifth-generation IH type pump absorbs the appearance design of the XA type pump suspension and is designed with reinforcement ribs on the pump body, which makes the pump type have beautiful appearance, safe operation, reliable and long service life.
3. The fifth-generation IH type pump suspension components: four suspensions cover the whole series, and the suspension is common across product series. Ensure fast delivery and less inventory.
4. The fifth generation IH pump shaft seal form: according to user needs, you can choose packing seal, single end unbalanced mechanical seal, single end face balanced mechanical seal, double end face unbalanced mechanical seal, double end face balanced mechanical seal. The seal is safe, reliable and has a long service life. The pump body and impeller are precision cast with wax mold, which has higher efficiency and better appearance quality than the old IH.
5. The user requires the direct connection type, which can be specially treated, and the welding base is designed separately. Under normal circumstances, the installation size is the same as the old type IH. The base of the fifth generation IH series pumps adopts precision casting base.
Product Usage:
It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, synthetic fiber, fertilizer, power station, metallurgy, food and hospitals to transport corrosive or non-contaminated media without suspended particles.
Working conditions:
Medium temperature: -20℃, 180℃ can be achieved through special measures;
Flow Q=3.4~1000 (m3/h);
Head H=3.7~128 (m);
Speed n=1450~2900r/min;
The direction of rotation of the pump: from the direction of the motor to the pump, it is clockwise.