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QBK pneumatic diaphragm pump is the third generation of pneumatic diaphragm pump, which has the advantages of long service life and non-stop. It can not only pump flowing liquid, but also transport some medium that is not easy to flow. It has self-priming pump, submersible pump, canned pump, Many advantages of conveying machinery such as mud pump and impurity pump.
1. No irrigation and diversion. Suction up to 5m. Head up to 70m. Outlet pressure ≥6bar.
2. Wide flow and good passing performance. Allow to pass particles up to 10mm in diameter. When pumping mud and impurities, there is little wear on the pump;
3. The head and flow can be adjusted steplessly through the opening of the air valve (the air pressure is adjusted between 1-8bar);
4. Since the diaphragm completely separates the conveyed medium from the moving parts of the pump and the workpiece medium, the conveyed medium will not leak out. Therefore, when pumping toxic, easy to play or corrosive media, it will not cause environmental pollution and endanger personal safety;
5. No electricity is required. Safe and reliable use in flammable and explosive places;
6. Can be immersed in the medium to work:
7. Easy to use, reliable in operation, simply open and close the gas valve to start and stop. Even if there is no medium running for a long time or the pump is suddenly stopped due to unexpected conditions, it will not be damaged. Once overloaded, the pump will automatically stop, with self-protection performance, when the load returns to normal, it can automatically start running again;
8. The structure is simple and there are few wearing parts. The pump has a simple structure and is easy to install and maintain. The medium conveyed by the pump will not contact the moving parts such as the gas distribution valve and the connecting rod. Unlike other types of pumps, the rotor, piston and gear , Blades and other components wear down and gradually reduce performance;
9. Can transport viscous liquid (viscosity below 10,000 centipoise);
10. The pump does not need to be lubricated with oil, even if it is idling. It has no effect on the pump, which is the main feature of the pump.