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product description
The LW vertical non-clogging sewage pump is suitable for the discharge of severely polluted wastewater from factories, sewage sewage stations in the main residential area, water distribution systems of urban sewage treatment plants, drainage stations of civil air defense systems, water supply equipment of waterworks, water supply of hospitals and hotels Emissions, municipal engineering construction sites, mine supporting equipment, rural biogas tanks, farmland irrigation and other industries, conveying granular sewage and dirt, can also be used for clean water and weakly corrosive media. LW vertical non-clogging sewage pump is developed by introducing foreign technology through absorption and transformation, and has excellent performance indexes. Due to the use of a unique single (double) channel impeller, the sewage capacity is strong, and it can effectively pass through 5 times the diameter of the pump and the solid particles with a diameter of 50% of the pump diameter. The dynamic seal adopts two sets of special materials hard alloy mechanical seal The device is made of cast iron and stainless steel.
Structure description
The LW vertical non-clogging sewage pump is a single suction volute pump. The pump is equipped with a non-clogging anti-winding single (double) large flow channel impeller, which has a good passing capacity.
LW vertical non-clogging sewage pump has two structural forms, one is that the motor is directly coaxial with the pump, the other is that it is connected by a coupling, and the motor is a standard vertical motor. The structure diagram is as follows, each structure has two base connection forms, one is imported horizontal suction, with a corner function, according to the requirements of use, the inlet and outlet can be placed at 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°, which is convenient for pipelines Connection, the second is imported axial suction, which is convenient for vertical installation.
1. The mechanical seal adopts a new type of grinding sassafras pair, and runs in the oil room for a long time;
2. The overall structure is compact, small in size, low in dry noise, and has obvious energy-saving effect, convenient maintenance, and convenient for users to replace;
3. The double-blade impeller structure greatly improves the ability to pass dirt;
4. The automatic control cabinet can automatically control the over-motion and stop of the pump according to the required liquefaction changes, without the need for special care, and it is extremely convenient to use;
5. The installation method can be equipped according to the needs of users. It provides great convenience for installation and maintenance. People can enter the pit without doing this;
6. Can be used within the design range, and ensure that the motor will not be overloaded;
7. The pump is equipped with an outdoor motor, so there is no need to build a pump room, and it can be directly installed and used outdoors to save money.
Conditions of Use
1. LW vertical sewage pump series products are applicable when the rated voltage is 380V and the power frequency is 50Hz;
2. The medium temperature does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, the medium density is ≤1150kg/m3, and the PH value is between 5-9;
3. The altitude does not exceed 1000 meters;
4. The annual viscosity of the conveying medium does not exceed 1000CP;
5. The material of the product is mainly cast iron and cannot be used in highly corrosive or medium containing strong corrosiveness.
Note: Make sure that the actual conditions of the pump meet the above clauses before selection or installation and use, to ensure the correct use of the product.