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QW non-clogging submersible sewage pump
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1. Strong sewage discharge capacity without clogging.
2. The design is reasonable, the supporting motor has low power, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.
3. Use wear-resistant mechanical seal.
4. Compact structure, easy to move, simple installation, no need to build pump room, reduce engineering cost.
5. It can run within the full head range, and ensure that the motor will not be overloaded.
6. The center line of the water inlet and the water outlet is in a straight line, and can be directly installed anywhere in the pipeline.
The main purpose
1. Wastewater discharge of enterprise unit.
2. Discharge system of urban sewage treatment plant.
3. Sewage drainage station in residential area.
4. Subway, basement, civil air defense system drainage station.
5. Sewage discharge from hospitals, hotels and high-rise buildings.
6. Discharge of thin mud in municipal engineering and construction sites.
7. Sewage discharge from farms and rural farmland irrigation.
8. Water supply device for water plant.
9. Mine exploration and water treatment equipment.
10. Water supply and drainage of water conservancy projects.
Conditions of Use
1. The temperature of the conveyed medium does not exceed 80 degrees Celsius.
2. The weight of the conveyed medium is 1~1.3Kg/dm3.
3. The material of the pump is mainly cast iron, which cannot be used to transport highly corrosive liquids.
4. When the pump is working, the surroundings of the pump should be well ventilated.
5. 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel material can be used to transport various corrosive liquids.
If the user has special requirements, please indicate the relevant conditions of the conveying medium when ordering, so that the company can provide more reliable products.