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JYWQ automatic mixing submersible sewage pump is a new type of environmental protection product developed by the company using excellent hydraulic models. It has unique functions in discharging solid particles and long-fiber garbage and reducing sedimentation in sewage pits. Its characteristic is that a water diversion device is designed at the pump chassis. The device rotates with the motor at high speed, leading out the high-pressure water in the pump cavity, flushing the bottom of the pool at a cyclone speed of 10-20m/s, and using the bottom of the stirring tank. It is mixed with water, and finally enters the pump cavity around the water diversion device and is discharged therewith, thoroughly preventing the accumulation of dirt and debris on the bottom of the tank, and thoroughly purifying the sewage tank. The hydraulic performance of the pump is advanced and mature, and the performance index has been greatly improved.

It is suitable for sewage and sewage in the conveyor belt with particles and sediments in chemical industry, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, papermaking, power plants and urban sewage treatment, municipal engineering, and public facilities.

Model meaning
100 JYWQ 100-15-7.5
100-Discharge port diameter (mm)
JY-automatic mixing device; JP is an internal circulation cooling system with stainless steel jacket
WQ-Submersible sewage pump
100-Rated flow (m3/h)
15-Rated head (m)
7.5-Motor rated power (Kw)
1. Use the pump's own outlet pressure to mix the sediment sludge in the sewage tank, so as to completely discharge the sediment in the sewage tank.
2. The design of anti-clogging hydraulic components for large flow channels greatly improves the dirt passing capacity, and can effectively pass through the fibrous material 5 times the diameter of the pump and the solid particles with a diameter of about 50% of the pump diameter.
3. The design is reasonable, the supporting motor is reasonable, the efficiency is high, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.
4. The mechanical seal adopts double-channel series seal, the material is hard corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide, durable and wear-resistant, which can make the pump run safely for more than 8000 hours continuously.
5. The pump is compact in structure, small in size, easy to move, and easy to install. It does not need to build a pump room and can be submerged in water to work, reducing engineering cost.
6. An oil-water probe is provided in the oil chamber to provide absolute protection for the pump.
7. It can be equipped with a fully automatic safety protection control cabinet, which can absolutely protect the pump from water leakage, electric leakage, overload and over temperature, etc. to improve the safety and reliability of the product.
8. The float switch can automatically control the stop and start of the pump according to the required water level change, without the need for special care.
9. The motor can adopt a water jacket type external circulation cooling system to ensure the safe operation of the electric pump in the anhydrous (dry) state.
10. The dual-rail automatic coupling installation system brings great convenience to the installation and maintenance of the pump, and people do not have to enter the sewage pit for this.
11. There are two installation methods: fixed automatic coupling installation and mobile free installation, which can meet different application occasions.
Flow rate: 8-400m3/h;
Head: 5-60m;
Power: 0.75-75kw;
Speed: 980-2900r/min;
Caliber: 25-200mm;
Temperature range: ≤60℃.
Tip 1: This pump is especially suitable for occasions where the bottom of the tank contains precipitated dirt. If it is used to suck thick and viscous slurry, the pump cavity needs to be cleaned to prevent the sediment from leaving the pump.
Tip 2: Do not run the pump in a low-lift state for a long time to prevent overloading and burning the motor.
Tip 3: Never lift the cable or hang the pump.