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ZW self-priming non-clogging sewage pump
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product description
The ZW type self-priming non-clogging sewage pump integrates self-priming and non-clogging sewage. It adopts axial backflow external mixing type and is designed by the pump body and impeller flow channel. There is no need to install a bottom valve and irrigation and drainage. The impurity liquid with a particle solid diameter of 60% of the outlet diameter and a fiber length of 5 times the outlet diameter has a self-priming height of 5 meters, which can replace various submersible and submersible sewage pumps. Widely used in chemical industry, electrical industry, mining, papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing, environmental protection, pharmaceutical industry, food. Hetang aquaculture, municipal sewage and other industries, it is currently the ideal pump for pumping solid particles, fibers, slurry and mixed suspension medium.
ZW self-priming non-clogging sewage pump has the characteristics of simple structure, good self-priming performance, strong sewage capacity, high efficiency and energy saving, convenient use and maintenance. Each performance index is excellent, and it has a broad application market and development prospects.
Application range
It is suitable for industries such as chemical industry, petroleum, pharmacy, mining, papermaking, fiber, pulp, textile, food, power plant and municipal sewage project, sewage discharge in public facilities, river pond breeding and other industries.
1. Strong blowdown capability: the special impeller anti-blocking design ensures that the pump is efficient and non-blocking.
2. High efficiency and energy saving: the excellent hydraulic model is adopted, and the efficiency is 3 to 5% higher than the general self-priming pump.
3. Good self-priming performance: high self-priming, and shorter self-priming time.
Working condition
1. Ambient temperature≤24℃, medium temperature≤60℃.
2. Cast iron pump with medium PH value is 6~9, stainless steel pump is 1~14.
3. The maximum diameter of the passing particles is 60% of the pump caliber, and the fiber length is 5 times the caliber.
4. The total weight of impurities in the medium does not exceed 15% of the total weight of the medium, and the specific gravity of the medium does not exceed 1240 kg/m3.
Flow rate: 5-800m3/h;
Head: 12-60m;
Motor power: 2.2-55KW;
Speed: 1450-2900r/min;
Caliber: φ25-φ300;
Medium temperature: ≤100℃;
Self-priming height: 4.5-6.0m.