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product description
The DL and DLR multi-stage centrifugal pumps are new products developed by the Ben pump industry according to China's high-rise building water supply and drainage and the National Fire Protection Bureau GB6245-98 standard. This type of pump has efficiency due to the use of an excellent hydraulic model with high efficiency and energy saving. The advantages of high performance and wide performance range can better meet the user's requirements. In addition, this type of pump adopts a vertical and sectional form in its structure, and it is safe, stable, long-life, small footprint, and safe. Easy to maintain.
Scope of application
DL and DLR multi-stage centrifugal pumps are suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise building pressurization, long-distance water delivery, heating, bathroom, boiler cold and warm water circulation pressurization, air conditioning and refrigeration system water supply and equipment support and other occasions. The use temperature of DL type media does not exceed 80°C, and the use temperature of DLR type media does not exceed 120°C.
1. Advanced hydraulic model: high efficiency and wide performance range.
2. The centrifugal pump has a novel structure and reliable operation: the balance drum is eliminated, and its axial force is hydraulically balanced, which thoroughly solves the problems of the balance drum being easy to rust, bite, and wear, ensuring the operation is more reliable.
3. Less operation and maintenance costs: the use of high-quality mechanical seals, wear resistance, no leakage, long service life, low failure rate, and less operation and maintenance costs.
4. The centrifugal pump runs smoothly and the noise is low: the low-speed motor is used to make the pump run smoothly and the noise is lower.
5. Vertical structure, small footprint.
Flow: 4.2-504m3/h;
Head: 24-240m;
Power: 1.5-450kw;
Speed: 1480r/min;
Caliber: φ40-φ250;
Temperature range: 0-+90℃;
Working pressure: ≤2.4Mpa.