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gdl vertical multistage pipeline pump
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product description
The GDL multi-stage pipeline centrifugal pump is a new generation of products designed and manufactured by the Benli pump industry based on excellent pump types at home and abroad combined with user requirements and fire protection standards, and designed and manufactured according to the JB/TQ6435-92 standard.
GDL type multistage pipeline centrifugal pump adopts vertical segment type plus stainless steel shell structure, so that the pump inlet and outlet are located on the same horizontal line and have the same caliber, can be installed in the pipeline like a valve, it also concentrates the multistage pump The high pressure, the small footprint of the vertical pump and the convenience of installation of the pipeline pump, at the same time, because of the excellent hydraulic model, it also has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, smooth operation, and the shaft seal uses a wear-resistant mechanical seal, no Leakage life is long.
In order to better meet the requirements of users, Benliu has also developed the GDLS type with the water outlet located at the upper part. The inlet and outlet can be installed in different relative positions (0°, 90°, 180°), which is extremely convenient to use.
In order to enable users to use this type of pump more safely and reliably, Benliu has specially developed a detachable structure type. In addition to all the advantages of GDL and GDLS, it provides you with more convenient replacement of wearing parts such as mechanical seals. , Fast and labor-saving way, make this type of pump more worry-free operation and maintenance.
Application range
The GDL multi-stage pipeline centrifugal pump is mainly suitable for the circulation and pressurization of hot and cold water in high-pressure operating systems, the parallel supply of multiple pumps in high-rise buildings, fire protection, boiler feed and cooling water systems, and the delivery of various washing fluids.