What should be paid attention to during the operation of magnetic pump?
Time:2021-06-22 Cilck:398
Magnetic pump is a high safety standard anti leakage transport tool, which has the medium isolation ability far beyond the canned pump, and can be safely used to transport high-risk gas and liquid. In order to maintain the stability in the transportation process, operators should also master the operation precautions of magnetic pump, so as to avoid abnormal operation damage to the pump, or bring unnecessary safety hazards to the transportation project.

Precautions for operation of magnetic pump: it is recommended to assign special personnel to operate the equipment and monitor the operation parameters during operation, which can effectively avoid all kinds of abnormal faults. Related issues are as follows:

1. Because the drive shaft of the magnetic pump does not need to go through the pump shell, but uses the magnetic field to drive the internal magnetic rotor through the magnetic field and the thin-walled transmission torque of the isolation sleeve, so there is a strict standard for the transport flow, and it can not run at low flow for a long time, let alone idling, otherwise the pump will be burned or demagnetized;

2. The magnetic pump body is a centrifugal pump structure, which is also sensitive to medium adaptability. It can only transport gas and liquid without hard particles. For the sake of service life, it is often necessary to install a filter device at the entrance of the pump;

3. In order to avoid idling and reverse rotation, the rotation direction of the motor should be confirmed before starting the magnetic pump, and at the same time, the medium should be filled before starting;

4. The correct installation of the pump is of great significance for future use. It must be carried out according to the installation standard, maintain the horizontal installation, and set up a separate support for the pipeline;

5. Preventive measures can effectively improve the working efficiency and service life of the magnetic pump, and regularly check the vulnerable parts of the pump. If it is not used for a long time, it is also necessary to regularly check whether the operating parameters are abnormal.

PS: the tolerance of magnetic pumps made of different materials to the ambient temperature will be different. When handling the transportation medium, we also need to pay attention to the temperature change of the environment or the medium itself. If the transportation project is more stringent on the safety standards, we should increase the load detection, temperature sensing and leakage detection according to the actual situation, so as to improve the stability and reliability in the transportation process.