How to deal with insufficient magnetic force of magnetic pump?
Time:2021-06-23 Cilck:265
In various transportation projects, the transportation of strong acid corrosive liquid is quite troublesome, has high potential safety hazards, and will cause corrosion damage to general transportation equipment.

Magnetic pump is a new product which applies the working principle of permanent magnetic coupling to centrifugal pump. It has the characteristics of reasonable design, advanced technology, full sealing, no leakage, corrosion resistance and so on.

So fully sealed, no leakage, corrosion-resistant magnetic pump has been widely welcomed.

However, if the magnetic force of the magnetic pump is not enough, it will affect the transportation process. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the causes of abnormal magnetic force and take corresponding measures to prevent demagnetization.

The magnetic force of magnetic pump is not enough, which will lead to the flow, head and other performance parameters can not reach the rated standard, seriously affecting the normal operation of the transportation project. The reason of demagnetization of magnetic pump is mainly caused by abnormal operation and sudden working conditions, such as high temperature demagnetization caused by idling or forced demagnetization caused by motor continuing to work after the impeller is stuck.

For the operator, it is often not the first time to judge whether the decline of the performance parameters of the magnetic pump is caused by the insufficient magnetic force of the magnetic pump or by other reasons, so the overall condition of the magnetic pump can be checked according to the following steps to confirm.

1. Check whether the entrance of the pump is blocked by impurities exceeding the transportation standard;

2. Carefully check whether there is abnormal noise in the operation of the magnetic pump, and check whether there is damage or displacement of the impeller, ring and other key components in the pump;

3. Check whether the opening of the outlet valve is normal and whether the power supply line is unobstructed.

If the components of the magnetic pump are in good condition, it is mostly due to the abnormal equipment caused by the insufficient magnetic force of the magnetic pump, so it is necessary to contact professional and technical personnel for maintenance.

Operators can also prevent the occurrence of degaussing through preventive treatment. For example, they can monitor the magnetic pump during operation to avoid low flow or even long-time idling, and effectively avoid high-temperature degaussing. At the same time, they can stop the pump in time in case of abnormal conditions to avoid the damage of magnetic pump caused by idling.

If the magnetic force of the magnetic pump is not enough, it can only be solved by contacting professional after-sales service. If users want to avoid demagnetization of the magnetic pump or reduce demagnetization of the magnetic pump, in addition to selecting high-quality manufacturers with reliable quality, they also need to monitor various parameters of the running magnetic pump in order to avoid demagnetization.