Daily maintenance of magnetic pump
Time:2021-06-24 Cilck:775
Maintenance period of magnetic pump is determined by the frequency of use. The conventional type of stainless steel magnetic pump usually performs maintenance once after running for more than 1000 hours. It mainly checks the status of the bearing and end face moving ring of the pump, and replaces the aging or severely worn components.

Magnetic pump is a transportation equipment with high safety standards. By making maintenance cycle plan of magnetic pump, the stability of transportation project can be maintained, the safety standard of production process can be improved, and the media leakage after damage caused by magnetic pump can be avoided. In the case of no abnormal working conditions and faults hindering transportation, it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive inspection every 1000 hours to ensure the stability of the pump and prolong the service life by preventive treatment.

Maintenance and maintenance of magnetic pump:

1. Check the pump and motor regularly and replace the vulnerable parts.

2. When the pump is shut down for a long time, the flow passage in the pump shall be cleaned and the power supply shall be cut off.

3. It is strictly forbidden to transfer by air.

Precautions during operation:

a. Pay attention to the pressure difference between the front and rear of the filter at the suction end. When the pressure difference increases, it means that there is foreign matter blocking on the filter. Stop the pump operation to clean the primary filter.

b. Whether discharge volume and discharge pressure meet the specified value.

c. If there is abnormal sound or vibration, if abnormal sound or vibration occurs, it is generally indicated that there is cavitation or excessive wear of bearing.

e. Whether cavitation occurs in the pump: open the outlet valve of the pump. When the flow reaches a certain amount, the sound and vibration will suddenly occur. Then, the large valve will continue to be opened. If the flow rate is still not increased, it means there is cavitation. Exhaust operation shall be carried out when there is cavitation. Note: the magnetic pump can not run in cavitation state. If it continues to operate in this state, it will cause early wear of bearing.

f. Whether the current value of the motor exceeds the rated current.

g. Whether the temperature of each part of the pump is abnormal overheating.

h. The pressure of nitrogen pressure stabilizing system shall be kept within the specified range.