What are the reasons why the magnetic pump is not pressurized?
Time:2021-07-28 Cilck:779
What are the reasons why the magnetic pump is not pressurized? We should start from the following aspects:

1. Check the clearance of the sealing ring to see if the clearance is too large due to serious wear;

2. Wear and clearance of balance mechanism, such as balance ring, balance disk, balance sleeve, etc;

3. Whether there is air leakage at the suction port;

4. Cavitation occurred in the water pump;

5. The inlet is blocked and the inlet door is misoperated (not opened);

6. Whether the water pump steering is wrong;

7. Whether the impeller is damaged.

After knowing the reason why the magnetic pump can not be pressurized, if the problem can be solved, such as operation error or blockage, it can be solved on the spot. If the problem is serious wear, impeller damage and so on, you can contact the manufacturer to order relevant accessories. If you can't find out the reason, please contact the manufacturer's technical personnel in time to avoid unnecessary loss due to wrong operation.

In addition, for the stable operation of the magnetic pump, it is recommended that you make necessary preparations in advance and maintenance afterwards. Before use, confirm that the steering, motor wiring, valve closure, and the integrity of the filter device of the magnetic pump are normal. After use, clean the pump cavity in time to avoid liquid accumulation and freezing. Through compliant operation and detailed customized inspection and maintenance, the incidence of abnormal faults can be effectively reduced.